I have been practicing Shamanic healing modalities for over 10 years, exploring various indigenous traditions from around the world. With a heart-centered approach, I aim to help individuals find balance and healing in their lives.

My Background


10+ years

2010 - present


2005 - 2009


2015 - present


sun light passing through green leafed tree
sun light passing through green leafed tree


1. Healing retreat in Bali - A week-long retreat in the serene landscapes of Bali, dedicated to healing and spiritual growth. 2. Shamanic journey workshop - An immersive workshop to learn the art of shamanic journeying and connect with your spirit guides. 3. Online healing sessions - Personalized one-on-one healing sessions conducted online for individuals seeking spiritual guidance and transformation.

brown wooden mortar and pestle on white textile
brown wooden mortar and pestle on white textile


1. Shamanic community gatherings - Regular gatherings for individuals interested in shamanism and seeking a supportive community. 2. Shamanic drumming circle - A monthly drumming circle where participants can experience the power of shamanic drumming for healing and transformation. 3. Earth healing projects - Collaborative projects aimed at healing the Earth through shamanic practices and rituals.

person holding crystal stones
person holding crystal stones


1. Shamanic retreat in Peru - A transformative retreat in the sacred lands of Peru, combining shamanic practices with ancient wisdom teachings. 2. Shamanic astrology workshop - An in-depth workshop exploring the connection between shamanism and astrology, and how it can enhance our spiritual journey. 3. Healing the ancestral lineage - A workshop focused on healing ancestral wounds and liberating ourselves from inherited patterns.